Encore Fellows: Highly-skilled talent, delivering high impact work affordably to help nonprofits

The Encore Fellowship Program is an innovative solution for nonprofit needs that has been successfully employed across the United States and internationally. ESC operates the regional program, providing a source of highly skilled and experienced talent is available to take on high impact work assignments on a cost-effective stipend. Jonathan Reuman, an Encore Fellow, was recently matched as a Human Resources Professional at Horizons for Homeless Children, bringing to the organization a wealth of experience in developing and delivering human resource initiatives and implementing HR programs with strategic plans. Jonathan previously was the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at the May Institute and the Vice President of Human Resources at Vinfen Corporation. When asked why he chose to become an Encore Fellow he said, “The Encore Fellowship Program is a terrific opportunity to work closely with a mission-driven organization while tapping decades of experience I was fortunate to gain in my career with other nonprofits and for profits.”

Encore Fellows bring a diverse range of expertise to help meet the unique challenges of nonprofits in areas such as strategy development, marketing, fundraising, human resources, business development, program development, technology, and interim leadership. Nonprofits hosting a Fellow gain affordable, low-risk access to experienced, skilled talent carefully matched to a specific assignment. Encore Fellow Rory Laughna, a seasoned financial services professional with over 20 years of experience gained through his career at BTMU Capital Corporation and Mellon Bank Corporation was recently matched as the Finance and Operations Director at Soccer Without Borders. Rory recently spoke about why he values his role as an Encore Fellow saying, “…the fellowships provide organizations an excellent opportunity to address interim and or transitional needs.”

There are currently over 250 Fellows placed in nonprofits around the country, who have provided over 70,000 hours of high impact work to nonprofits. Both nonprofits and Fellows have found the program transformative. “Serving in an Encore Fellowship has not only shifted my perspective on staffing organizations, but also expanded my consciousness of this social movement that can transform our communities around the world,” said Boston Encore Fellow Cathy Kang.

Information sessions for nonprofits looking to learn more about hosting an Encore Fellow are Thursdays at 8:30-9:30, or by appointment. If your organization or an organization you know of would like to take advantage of this unique opportunity please contact Donna Morelle, Director of Encore Fellowships at dmorelle@escne.org to register for an information session, they do fill up quickly.

For additional information about the Encore Fellowship program and ESC of New England, a nonprofit organization providing management consulting and capacity building services to other nonprofits please visit www.escne.org.



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