Encore Fellows: Now in Boston!

A New Source of Talent for Nonprofits– Encore Fellows Program: Now in Boston!

As nonprofits continually strive to meet a growing demand for services at a time of diminishing resources, an innovative solution successfully employed across the US has come to greater Boston: The Encore Fellowships Program– a source of highly skilled and experienced talent now available to take on high impact work assignments at an affordable cost — designed to meet the unique challenges of nonprofits in areas such as strategy development, marketing, fundraising, human resources, business development, program development and technology.

ESC of New England (ESCNE), a nonprofit organization providing management consulting and capacity building services to other nonprofits, has been selected as regional operator for the national Encore Fellows Program.  Designed to deliver a new source of talent to nonprofits solving critical social problems and contributing to the quality of life in local communities this program helps social purpose organizations by matching skilled, experienced professionals and managers who are generally transitioning from a primary career. Fellowship assignments are typically 1000+ hours over either 6 months full-time or 12 months part-time. The cost to sponsor a Fellow is $25,000.

Nonprofits hosting a Fellow gain affordable, low-risk access to experienced, skilled talent carefully matched to the specific assignment.  Fellows earn a stipend of $20,000, increase their knowledge about social-purpose work, and develop a network of contacts and resources for future engagement –potentially an “encore career” in the nonprofit sector.

Bethany Kendall, President & CEO of ESCNE said, “Expanding our portfolio to now include the Encore Fellows Program allows us to offer high level talent in additional roles beyond consulting and professional development to help nonprofits affordably build capacity. We are very excited to have been designated to regionally operate this program and so pleased to have the first two Boston Encore Fellows on board to help build ESCNE’s new programs!”

Donna Morelle is Boston’s first Encore Fellow.  In her “encore”, Donna became a consultant at ESCNE 18 months ago and then recently transitioned into the new role of Program Director for the Encore Fellowships Program. In her primary career as an educator, she became the first female Superintendent of Schools in Cumberland, RI and was widely known for her support of “100% of the students, 100% of the time. During her tenure, she collaborated to develop new literacy programs resulting in significant increases in student learning, introduced zero-based budgeting and helped co-found Town Wide  Learning Community, a grassroots effort to strengthen learning for all students and residents. Donna


holds a Doctorate in Education from Boston College’s Lynch School of Education and is an entrepreneurial leader with practical experience bringing programs from concept to scale. This has been a transition that combines Donna’s talents for executive leadership, program development and thought leadership.

“ESCNE is a recognized leader, and the Encore Fellows program offers a proven model for delivering high impact, capacity building assignments and investment in the local nonprofit community,” said Leslye Louie, National Director, Encore Fellowships Network. “The program has expanded rapidly across the US in the past five years and is represented in 35 metropolitan areas.  We are thrilled to now have greater Boston included in our network.”

Beginning in Silicon Valley, CA in 2009, where Fellows in that area have delivered over 70,000 hours of high impact work to nonprofits, they are also credited with serving as role models and mentors to staff through their analytical thinking, management and operational expertise. Currently over 250 Fellows are placed nationally. It is a competitive process for both Fellows and the nonprofits seeking to fill a fellowship position.

ESC of New England, a charitable nonprofit was founded in 1982. Its 150 pro bono consultants provide management consulting and related services in all areas of governance and management including executive coaching and professional development to nearly 100 other nonprofits annually in MA and RI.

Encore.org, founded by social entrepreneur Marc Freedman, is building a movement to make it easier for millions of people to pursue second acts for the greater good. “We call them “encore careers” – roles that combine personal meaning, social impact and often continued income – in the second half of life,” said Marc. “Through an inventive program portfolio, original research, strategic alliances and the power of people’s life stories, Encore.org demonstrates the value of experience in solving society’s greatest problems – from education to the environment, health care to homelessness.”

Nonprofits interested in hosting Fellows, companies and foundations interested in sponsorship, and individuals interested in becoming Fellows can learn more about the program and register for one of the scheduled information sessions at http://www.escne.org or contact Donna Morelle, Director, Boston Encore Fellows Program at dmorelle@escne.org for specific information about the benefits of participation and the convenient online application process. Sessions for prospective Fellows have been scheduled for 9:30 AM Wednesdays in August and September beginning August 13 and for nonprofits will be held on Thursdays at 8:30 AM beginning August 14 at the ESCNE office in Boston. There is no cost to attend, however pre-registration is required.

The Encore Fellowships Network is a signature program of Encore.org. For more information about the Encore Fellowships Network, visit http://www.encore.org/fellowships.


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