Meet Our Consultants: Marjorie Bauer

When you start your nonprofit marketing consulting project with Marjorie Bauer, you can expect the highest-quality engagement—a project that isn’t rushed, and touches on every step of the campaign’s development exactly as it should. The key lesson she learned over her last 14 years as a marketing executive with Fidelity was that the best strategies are born through process.

“Clients are a little surprised by the starting point in projects where you’re best trying to communicate what they do,” Marjorie said. “It is common practice to want to begin with ‘What do we say? How do we say it?’ In reality, we have to go through a much more disciplined process.”

She notes that understanding the organization, what it stands for and other important components of a brand is an iterative process.  It is a lot of art, she said, but there is also truly a science component to marketing as well.

When it came to transitioning from her previous position as Senior Vice President of Market Research at Fidelity to an ESC Consultant role, Marjorie said it was natural since she was essentially an internal consultant in her latter years with the financial giant. Working with clients to help articulate their needs or services, conduct research, and use information was part of her executive role; these transferrable skills have been endlessly valuable in ESC consulting projects and all of the nonprofit organizations she has worked with over the years.

Marjorie said one particularly interesting boost in marketing has been the field’s boom on social media. It’s hard to browse the web without stumbling across a marketing tips blog post or a free guide on how your nonprofit can stand out from the crowd.  Marjorie believes the reason it’s such a hot topic is because the market is simply getting crowded—it’s harder to stand out than ever before, so nonprofits, for-profits and individuals alike are clamoring for information on how to be seen.

While the push for “free” marketing advice is overwhelming, Marjorie sees online activity as a means for exposure that small organizations otherwise might not consider.

“Social media has an aura about it that it’s free, where traditional marketing work you have to pay for,” she said. Because of this perception, she stated, more nonprofits have become aware of marketing and that it is feasible for them to undertake the development of a strategy because it is more affordable to carry out.

Marjorie is a lead consultant in ESC’s marketing and branding practice serving nonprofits in eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. If your organization is interested in learning more about marketing and how an affordable consulting project with ESC of New England can bring your nonprofit’s abilities to a new level, please contact Ulea Lago at or call 617-357-5550.

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