Meet Our Consultants: John Woodard

“Working as an ESC consultant has reinforced the tremendous initiative people have taken to address issues in their own community or enhance the quality of life for others,” said John Woodard. John’s professional experience in labor and employment law may not seem like a natural segue to nonprofit consulting, but he said his expertise in collective bargaining, negotiating, and other sensitive processes has helped him to become the exceptional facilitator he is today. “As a lawyer, you learn to assimilate information about an organization and gather facts and be able to develop an overview of the situation,” he said. “You develop the ability to gather information and organize it in a way that can be useful.” This strength, and John’s interest in social impact work, was built through work with healthcare management unions, school committees and other community-based professional groups. His passion for community enrichment has also been utilized through a number of volunteer opportunities over the years in his hometown of Dedham, MA, and the greater Boston area. When it comes down to it, John knows that passion and the desire to do good are only as effective as the processes an organization uses to fulfill their missions. John has had endless success as an ESC consultant by applying hard questions like “How will certain actions impact the bottom line?” or “What is this development going to cost?”, and working with clients to facilitate understanding between staff, volunteers, donors and constituents, to conclude projects in a way that allows nonprofits he works with to produce the maximum social impact possible. John Woodard has served as an ESC consultant for over ten years. Being able to apply his expert skill in relationship management and conflict-resolution to such initiatives, he said, has and continues to be the sum of benefit of his work with ESC. As a testament to his commitment, John recently received the ESC of New England Ezra Merrill Founder’s Award, which annually recognizes one ESC consultant for exceptional contribution to both ESC and the nonprofit community at large.

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