Setting Targets in Outcomes Measurement

Is outcomes measurement a struggle for your nonprofit organization? Maybe you feel your board and staff have the concept down but could improve with further education.

ESC volunteer consultant Barry Seltser teaches attendees of his workshop, “What Difference are You Making?: Developing and Measuring Outcomes,” that setting targets is a key step in outcomes measurement for nonprofits. Particularly, it is important for nonprofits to identify which ideals are definitely attainable and which goals should be considered reaches.

Targets are so important to outcomes measurement because they can be used to show assessors how the efforts being scrutinized are succeeding or failing.

Outcomes Measurement Blog Photo 2.26.14

In this particular lesson, Barry teaches workshop attendees that both indications of improvements and gaps in progress can be used to create positive outcomes for nonprofits. If goals are being met, nonprofit management professionals should be encouraged to push previously set standards forward; yet if their organization is falling short of its ideals, they may look closer to find out why, and, if necessary, make adjustments to best meet project needs.

ESC of New England provides affordable capacity building and management consulting services to fellow nonprofits in eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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